GALLIA Rise of Clans

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The land of Gallia is conquered by the Roman Empire. Rebellious Gauls try to start a revolt against Caesar and roman legions. Take the lead of the revolt, and your name will make it into history!
A Druid named Neocomix will be always near you. He will prepare magic potions and come up with destructive conjurations. Their skillful use and accuracy of your catapult during the clash will make Romans surrender the village and seek safety in flight.

Don’t spare stones for the victory! Show Caesar that one tiny but angry Gaul is capable to win the entire Roman war.

Game capabilities:

✔ This game is based on real events – the Gallic Wars.
✔ Combination of the best ideas – Match3, Bubbleshooter, Catapult
✔ Colorful graphics and sound effects.
✔ Several game modes are possible: arcade and time limit.
✔ Various effects, bonuses and combo!
✔ More than 75 fascinating levels.
✔ Players’ ratings for watching friends and competitors.
✔ Game graphics is adapted for all types of screens, including QHD.
✔ Support for telephones and tablets.

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